The history


With more than 70 years of experience, the brand Marjolaine of Lyon offers a wide range of lingerie upscale thanks to its know-how in manufacturing.


Marjolaine it's a family affair, laces and tradition story, cuts and transmission, creation and expansion.

From the small shop where the great grandfather began sewing up to the company that sells its products worldwide, Marjolaine has progressed in a wonderful way.


A family story



Everything begins in Villeurbanne during the interwar, Marjolaine shop sells woollens, layettes, tapestries. But the after-war is difficult and Roger Millet Desdoitils, the great grandfather, decided to sew a collection and to explore around the region for selling its new products, a vintage lingerie. Marjolaine brand is born. From generation to generation, successive leaders are changing their catalog to suit of fashion.

After Roger Millet Desdoitils, this is one of his three heiress, Nicole, who will continue the adventure Marjolaine then her daughter Carole will succeed her to take over the family business.




Collection by collection,

the lingerie brand Marjolaine talks to all women

Innovation is the key word of the company, both in terms of the fabric thatnstyle. Marjolaine each season offers a wide range of new items of lingerie, true fashion accessories, has unveiled in the intimity of the night or sublimate the day. A product of pleasure for ourselves and for everybody.


The ambition of Marjolaine is generating pleasure, that's why we multiply models, we serve with the same attention small and large orders, we create bespoke models with unique lace and silk association.




The approach of Marjolaine, transmission of know-how.

Even today, Marjolaine's company continues to evolve . Now known in many countries of the world, she has not forgotten the tradition of working lingerie and pleasure to transmit a recognized know-how. We are using the oldest manufacturing techniques for traditional products together with the most recent manufacturing techniques for products that require rapid production. Furthermore, the work of the Leavers lace from Calais remains a major asset to the company.


This work of lace incrustation is a real art where each piece is cut and laid by hand.






Meet your needs

Our main goal is to satisfy all our customers. This requires from them, complete confidence in the collections we present. Through its medium structure, Marjolaine offers to its customers and suppliers, greater availability and gives priority direct relations. The time gain is significant because the decisions are not lost to multiple hierarchical levels. Availability, Flexibility and Quickness are the values of our company.




Extend our sales force


Marjolaine products are sold in France exclusively by multicard representatives. For abroad, the house is surrounded by a team of sales agents distributing famous brands. The company also wants to expand its sales force by approaching many international markets. In just thirty years, the Marjolaine company has grown from a local span to an international span.

Confidence in the future is appropriate.