"Marjolaine is a family story, a story of lace and tradition, of cutting and transmission, of creation and passion.

Marjolaine is a high-end French lingerie house specialising in the design of haute couture homewear.

A brand at the cutting edge of creation that draws its inspiration from the past and the world around us.


The excellence of French know-how.

We defend and are proud to perpetuate an artisanal know-how that uses noble, high-quality materials such as silk, cashmere and French lace for unique collections.

Our workers have become experts in the art of working with Leavers lace. Each piece of lace is meticulously cut and assembled by hand and sewn on Cornely machines.

Every season, the Marjolaine lingerie house offers a wide range of new lingerie items, including seductive nighties, elegant pyjamas, comfortable nightgowns, daring bodysuits and timeless camisoles...

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Our French lingerie house creates and shapes refined and precious nightwear collections every season, to offer women the power to reinvent themselves in a different lingerie every day.

Marjolaine puts all its passion and know-how into the creation of lingerie-to-wear. From the first sketches to the finishing touches, each step of the creation is followed in the smallest details.

Silk satin, cashmere, embroidery and Calais lace are combined in a range of colours from the most vibrant to the most timeless to satisfy the desires of all women. Discover our know-how.


It was in Villeurbanne in the 1930s that Jeanne opened a shop in the heart of the Gratte-ciel district, Marjolaine, where she sold woolens, layettes and tapestries. Her husband decided to start sewing in the back of the shop in order to compensate for the lack of suppliers and to offer their customers new products, vintage lingerie. The Marjolaine brand was born.

From generation to generation, the successive directors have developed their catalogue according to fashion. After Roger, it is one of his three heirs, Nicole, who will continue the Marjolaine adventure, then her daughter Carole will succeed her alongside her husband Stéphane and their children.

All of them share the same values: quality, elegance, and the need for a good cut and good fit. A French couture spirit also supported by the selection of noble materials for multiple lines to satisfy and express the styles of each one.

For all occasions, night or day, our pieces will bring delicacy and elegance by emphasizing the silhouettes with comfort and finesse.