An exceptional know-how made of craftsmanship, innovation and art.

The manufacture of Marjolaine pieces requires the unique know-how of specialized craftsmen. Raw materials are selected with the utmost care to make each piece an exceptional creation of the highest quality.

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It is in France, near Lyon, a country renowned for its creativity in the field of fashion, that our workshop designs and develops each of our collections. 

Each creation is elaborated in our workshop where several steps are necessary to create a piece of high quality nightwear that gives all women the ultimate freedom to be themselves.

All our raw materials come from France and Asia. Our laces come mainly from Calais, a region renowned worldwide for its lace-making craftsmen. The silk comes from Asia. It is a 19mm silk selected for its comfort and exceptional quality. 

All our collections are made in our workshop in Villeurbanne near Lyon. Each creation is an invitation to the art of giving and pleasing others. The packaging, the final touch of our creations, is designed and manufactured in France.

Because there are many beauties, in our design office, the pattern maker makes customised pieces in all sizes to fit all body types. Each piece is carefully crafted and available in sizes 36 to 54 to offer comfort and an unbeatable look. Discover our size guide.